• Anchor rod mounted columns for stability and reduced installation costs.
  • Columns available in 8", 10", 12", and 14" square and 16" round sizes.
  • Decking is 80 gloss, 20 gauge embossed steel available in white or bronze for
    superior appearance and greater strength.
  • Engineered deck mounting system, totally eliminates the need for visible fasteners,
    drilling, and or welding of the deck for installation.
  • Perimeter gutters on canopies are 8" wide x 4" deep, 20 gauge steel for maximum
    strength, durability, and ease of cleaning.
  • Square fibreglass gel coated drain collector system, has white color molded into
    collector box. Won't chip, crack, or peel, and has no seams to prevent leaking.

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Canopies can be built in virtually any shape, design, or size to meet specific
customer requirements. It is important to remember that most canopies are
80% steel, so the amount of steel required greatly influences the cost.

A canopy serves three basic needs:

  • Weather protection for customers.
  • Good lighting for safety and security.
  • High visibility for customer recognition and brand advertising.

   In a typical service station application the traffic pattern and site location determine the fuel-dispenser island layout. The canopy is designed to fit
the island configuration optimizing the driveway space. The canopy columns are normally placed in the islands. The supporting structure between the
columns is the span, and the overhang beyond the columns is called the cantilever. The greater these dimensions become, the more structural steel is
required.  As a rough guide, a span between columns of 25 to 30 feet and a cantilever of 6 to 15 feet will provide the most economical solution.

   What's typical?   A 24 to 30 foot column distance with a 12 foot overhang from the center of the island outward, will provide a motorist good
coverage. A service station canopy is normally 14 feet 6 inches from the bottom of the canopy to the ground, Truck stops generally specify 16 feet.
Surface mounted lights subtract about 10 inches of clearance space. Fascia height plays a role in the image message that you are trying to send. If a
fascia is less than 24 inches in height, there is a good probability that from ground level you will be able to see a distracting portion of the structural
steel framework. On the other hand a 36 inch fascia will provide clean esthetically pleasing viewing lines to your customers.

AMERCAN fascia is fabricated in a variety of lengths, heights, and colors to match your design.

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